There’s No Place Like Home

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In the most beloved film of all time, the 1939 Wizard of Oz, we remember Dorothy uttering, “There’s no place like home.” The iconic phrase resonated deep in our hearts all of this time.

We might remember, too, the scene where Dorothy misses her balloon flight home, and starts to cry. But the good witch Glinda reassures her that with those fancy ruby slippers, she had the power to return home all along. She just needed to look within herself to go back home.

Throughout the film, the subject of home—leaving it, coming back, appreciating it—comes up throughout. Dorothy sings “Over the Rainbow,” all about her desire to escape from home, to go somewhere that is unfamiliar. As soon as she gets to Oz, though, she realizes how much she misses her home along with the loving Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

MACS’ Home Services recognises that  “home” is a safe haven, comfort zone, a stable and secure base. A familiar place where we know where all of our belongings live and families gather. Maybe it’s overlooking a lush garden that was nurtured by loving hands and where children once happily played but grandchildren can still play. We know that if we wanted to sneak a slice of chocolate cheesecake every Sunday in those electric pink dinosaur pyjamas, then we want to feel perfectly OK about that. It’s personal freedom to be ourselves that matters.

And home, the familiar and appreciated is where Australians are now opting to remain as they age in place. No wonder.  It is as if they are wearing Dorothy’s fancy ruby slippers of empowered decision-making. It’s all helped along by the transformation in the aged care sector with its new focus on giving older people more autonomy over their care. Home care funding attaches to the consumer, thereby increasing purchasing power let alone exercising their dignity to choose.  It’s now common knowledge that the May 2018 budget allowed $1.6 billion over four years for 14,000 people to stay in their homes as they age.

Penelope Eden at MinterEllison points out that this game changer “answers the call” of retired baby boomers, who, by favouring supported community living drive the choice and control direction.

And Australians now enjoy longer and healthier lives – with life expectancy predicted to rise beyond 95 years for men and women by 2055. Staying mentally active is a big player here. For instance: in 2016, more than 21,000 people aged 65 and over were enrolled in a full-time or part-time educational course. Around 13% (468,050 people) of people aged 65 years and over were engaged in employment, education or training in 2016.

But it takes an effective team to work together with consumers to support healthy living at home and promote such cosiness. Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, and Toto all worked together to help Dorothy didn’t they? It took their team effort to support her, not the idea of a magic hack like the Wizard of Oz who tugged away at a machine behind a curtain. The MACS’ experienced Home services team is there to support optimum health and well-being of consumers. Their track record says it all.

Upholding a consumer’s rights upholds the consumer’s rights to choice, decision-making and risk taking but at the same time providing services that are safe. Enhanced well-being for consumers happens as MACS’ provides for consumer self-determination and independence.

If home is going to remain where the heart is for older persons, then we know it doesn’t take a smoke-and mirrors stunt like that of the Wizard of Oz to find it. We have watched Dorothy dream about “skies are blue” and “dreams come true” but in the end, she realised it was really the home environment that was “Over the Rainbow.” And she found it by the sheer magic of making informed choices by her ruby slipper thinking .


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