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Dear friends,

As the season changes, I am always very mindful that this can be a time when the flu season can be at its most virulent.  Could I therefore encourage all members of our community to take extra precautions during this period, and please do not come into visit family and friends if you are unwell.

I am delighted to let you know that our 520 solar panels are now connected to the grid and our energy savings have commenced.  As reported previously, this is a wonderful community partnership initiative between Geelong Sustainability and MACS.  We have some final testing to be undertaken before it is fully commissioned and then MACS Green Committee will have a “green” campaign to further reduce our energy usage.

On Wednesday 22 August, Gael Perry, Board Chair, and members of the leadership team, held a family meeting in the Chapel.  Everyone from our community was sent an invitation and encouraged to attend and we were delighted to have 29 people from all parts of the organisation; home care consumers, Bella Chara residents and their family members and Residential family members. The purpose of the meeting was to give our community the opportunity to hear from the Board Chair the plans for MACS for the future.  Updates were also given by the Leadership Team on what was happening within their Departments and attendees were warmly invited to raise any concerns and/or questions that they may have had.  Questions were asked on a wide range of issues and a copy of the report of the meeting will be placed on notice boards around MACS shortly.  These meetings are held on a yearly basis, with a meeting for “new” members to our community held quarterly as part of our overall communication strategy.

And speaking about communication, it is necessary for me to let you all know that we have recently had some interactions with family members and visitors that have been quite distressing for our staff and volunteers. Everyone, regardless of their association with MACS, be it home care consumer, family member or general visitor, must adhere to our visitor code of conduct and must refrain from;

  • Acting with aggression, violence or being verbally or emotionally abusive towards staff or volunteers. MACS takes a zero tolerance approach to this sort of behaviour;
  • Interfering in the care provided to residents by staff;
  • Issuing our staff or volunteers with unreasonable demands or instructions;
  • Any form of stalking behaviour;
  • Threatening, bullying or intimidating our staff or volunteers in a subtle or overt manner. This includes cyber bullying—any kind of bullying or harassment using technology such as phone calls, texts, emails, social media, taking photos of staff or volunteers, recording conversations with staff or volunteers.

If any visitor or family member is unsure of any of the above, he or she can contact the relevant member of our leadership team for a discussion.

On Wednesday 12 September we are looking forward to having Melbourne Recital Centre bring us Hetty Kate for two special performances in the chapel.

To conclude this spring edition of MACS News, I am thrilled to let you know that we will be holding our very first wedding in the Chapel in early September.  Rebecca, one of our Housekeeping Team members is ‘tying the knot’ and residents are all looking forward to sharing this happy occasion with Rebecca and her fiancée.  Hopefully we will have some photos of the special day in the October edition of MACS News.

Warm regards,


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