March 2018 News from CEO Joy Leggo

Dear friends,

I was delighted recently to walk around our new walking track. It was a lovely morning and I hadn’t been in this space for some time. At each turn I was thrilled with what I saw. Danuta and her volunteers had been exceptionally busy mulching all the garden beds and the commissioned art works are starting to appear along the walking track. This initiative would not have been possible without the donations received from our 2017 Annual Giving Program.  So thank you sincerely to all who donated.  We have a few more art installations to be installed, a water bubbler, some park benches and a bit more landscaping to be undertaken but hopefully all will be completed in the next four weeks.  I can’t wait for it all to be finished and we can officially open it up for you all to enjoy.

For our residents and family members in Borrela House, Mary Costa House, Annie O’Malley House and Gerda’s House, the 26th and 27th of March will see our three yearly accreditation visit take place.  Family members will all receive individual letters shortly, but everyone is able to speak to the auditors during their visit.

In Australia, residential aged care homes are required to be accredited to receive Australian Government subsidies. The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency have been appointed as the independent accreditation body, and assess residential aged care homes’ performance against a set of legislated Accreditation Standards.

This involves periodic full audits, as well as unannounced visits to monitor continuing compliance with standards. While the accreditation-related processes invariably involve a relationship principally between the accrediting body (The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency) and the approved provider (such as MACS), residential aged care accreditation exists for the benefit of aged care consumers. That is, residents, their relatives and representatives.

Whenever they visit a facility, the assessors review documented procedures, observe the practices at the facility, look at residents’ records and other documents held, such as staff rosters, incident reports, care plans and complaints registers. They also talk with residents to get their feedback about their satisfaction with the care and services being provided by the home. Evidence of how a home is performing against the Accreditation Standards is based on a number of sources and corroborated, with the focus being on outcomes for residents.

The process of accreditation is outlined in the Quality Agency Principles 2013. Other legislation, notably the Quality Agency Act 2013, the Aged Care Act 1997 and various sets of Principles also apply. Links to all of these are available at

We look forward to you being involved in this process.

I am always amazed at what our lifestyle staff do for our residents.  Recently we celebrated the 82nd birthday of one our residents dearly loved teddy bear appropriately named “Teddy.”  He was given to Val on her first birthday and has been with her ever since. From all accounts a wonderful birthday was celebrated by all.

With best wishes for a very happy and safe Easter.

Warmest regards,


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