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Dear friends

As many of you know our residents have grown very fond of MACS Pet Therapy dog, ‘Kika’. Six months ago this little bundle of cuteness came into our lives weighing in at a mere 50 grams.  Since then Kika has been given the nurturing care required for her to thrive and grow, attaching herself to all who come in contact with her.

Sadly, Kika recently had an accident and broke a leg whilst on duty, requiring surgery.  Owned by staff member Steph, Kika is expected to make a full recovery with rehabilitation sessions from our residents as part of her care plan.  The cost of Kika’s surgery was $5,500 and whilst MACS will assist with meeting some of this cost, we are reaching out to our residents, family members, staff and volunteers for your support. As a staff member told me “Kika is like spring after a long winter of visiting restrictions and masks!” 

The whole MACS team does an amazing job caring for our residents, but they are naturally missing their families during this time of restrictions. And then along came Kika, initially requiring so much nurturing which residents and staff gave in abundance.  Now she is part of the MACS family, full of fun and spontaneity. 

Kika knows she is loved. In a sense, she wants to give back to those who gave her a chance at life. She does funny little things like hopping up onto someone’s lap and licking their nose. Or hopping up on to a chair and crossing her legs looking around like she owns the place.

Her visits to each House bring excited anticipation, smiles to faces and conversations to lips. In a way she was meant to be with us during these difficult days.

Any support you can give us would be very much appreciated.  It is not a tax-deductible donation, but supporting a member of our community. Please click here to go to our donation page and then select the option ‘Lend a Paw for Kika ‘.

Kind regards


Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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