Visionary leadership

Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong Inc. (MACS) is an incorporated body and is classified as a ‘private not-for-profit’ organisation. It meets all departmental guidelines, is fully accredited and is registered by the Commonwealth Government to provide care for elderly people both in residential and community settings. Bella Chara, our independent living apartment complex, is registered by the Victorian State Government.

MACS runs under the leadership of a voluntary Board of Directors, each of whom is a professional in their own right and brings to the organisation special talents and skills.

The Directors are representative of the diverse community that MACS serves – a mix of men and women, various cultural backgrounds and industry sectors. Each is passionate about MACS and our vision.

Our Directors commit to the highest standards of corporate governance and undertake governance training and development.

MACS’ Board of Directors develop and monitor our three-year strategic planning cycle and annual budget of approximately $14 million. The Board is responsible for risk assessment, financial reporting, quality standards, social responsibility and for the strategic planning needed to ensure MACS continues to grow and develop in a sustainable manner, well into the future.

Stakeholders may request a copy of MACS’ governing rules by contacting MACS’ Reception during business hours on 03 5279 6800.

I am confident in the dedication and diligence of MACS’ staff and management team to ensure we continue to achieve the high standards of quality of care that sustains our organisation’s accreditation. Development of MACS’ strategic plan and ability to meet key targets gives all our stakeholders certainty about our operational performance and in particular, gives the multicultural community confidence in our commitment to continue providing excellence in aged care services in the future.

John Macarol, Past Director