February 2018 News from CEO, Joy Leggo

Dear friends,

During July and December 2017 we undertook Resident, Consumer, Relative and Representative satisfaction surveys. Consumer and Representative in July and Resident and Relative in December.  The results of these surveys will be tabled and discussed at the February Board meeting, but I am happy to share the results with you in this newsletter.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey – it is appreciated.

Residential overall satisfaction

Residents – 83.90%                 Return Rate – 78.48%

Relatives – 89.30%                  Return Rate – 45%

Bella Chara overall satisfaction

Residents – 87.99%                 Return Rate – 56%

Relatives – 92.30%                  Return Rate – 49%

Home Services overall satisfaction

Consumer s- 90.91%               Return Rate – 30%

Representatives – 85.01%       Return Rate – 20%

In addition to this the Residential surveys were broken down into Houses with the results as follows:

Borrela House

Residents – 84.34%                 Relatives – 89.20%

Mary Costa House

Residents – 80.33%                 Relatives – 89.20%

Annie O’Malley House

Residents – 80.31%                 Relatives – 91.37%

Gerda’s House

Relatives – 82.34%

Overall the results are very pleasing with a slight increase in satisfaction from the Residents perspective and a .84% decrease in the relative satisfaction level for Residential Care. An action plan has been drawn up for any issues under 70%.  These will be discussed and actioned if necessary and reported back through the minutes of Residents meetings which are located on the notice boards in each House.  For our Home Consumers there were no issues under 70%. Detailed reports for individual Houses (including all comments) are available on the notice boards in each House.

For Residents and family in Mary Costa House, you will have noticed during late January and continuing into February that we are giving this area a fresh coat of paint, with new carpet being installed shortly. We wanted to acknowledge that for the past four years, your home has been the thoroughfare for MACS, but now De Stefano Drive has opened, you can finally have your home back to yourselves and enjoy a more peaceful environment.

I also wanted to give you some advanced notice that Borrela House, Mary Costa House, Annie O’Malley House and Gerda’s House will be undertaking a re-accreditation visit by the Aged Care Quality Agency on 26 and 27 March 2018. Three assessors will be with us for these two days and will assess the quality of care we provide.  You are very welcome to talk to any of the assessors whilst they are here.  Individual letters will be sent to you late February regarding this.

I am delighted to let you all know that the Family Representative on the Community Engagement Forum for Mary Costa House is Mr Jim Hoekstra. The Directors were very pleased with the level of interest expressed by family members and friends to be on this Committee. Jim’s appointment will be for one year.

With best wishes,


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