COVID-19 update 30 September 2020

Dear friends,

The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) as of 29 September shows that there are no active cases in Greater Geelong of COVID-19, a decrease of 2 from last week.

Bookings for the pod and outside visits for the next 12 days are as follows:

Outside Visits commence 10.00 am last visit 3.00 pm (7 visits per day maximum of 3 people per visit for ½ hour).  Outside visits will take place at a nominated space in the piazza. If weather is inclement visitors can have their visits in Stella’s Café.

Wednesday 30 September   Pod Annie O’Malley         Outside Annie O’Malley

Thursday 1 October              Pod Borrela House           Outside Borrela & Gerdas 10.00am & 10.45 am

Friday 2 October                   Pod Mary Costa House    Outside Mary Costa House

Saturday 3 October              Pod Annie O’Malley         Outside Annie O’Malley

Sunday 4 October                 Pod Borrela House           Outside Borrela & Gerdas 1.00 pm & 1.45 pm

Monday 5 October                Pod Mary Costa House    Outside Mary Costa House

Tuesday 6 October               Pod Annie O’Malley         Outside Annie O’Malley

Wednesday 7 October          Pod Borrela House           Outside Borrela & Gerdas 10.00am & 10.45 am

Thursday 8 October              Pod Mary Costa House    Outside Mary Costa House

Friday 9 October                   Pod Annie O’Malley         Outside Annie O’Malley

Saturday 10 October            Pod Borrela House           Outside Borrela & Gerdas 10.00am & 10.45 am

Sunday 11 October               Pod Mary Costa House    Outside Mary Costa House

I acknowledge that the 14-day rolling average for Regional Victoria is now 0.6 and that there are zero active cases in Geelong, but anecdotal information indicates that there is a lot of socialising happening in Geelong without the wearing of masks and appropriate social distancing.  I am aware that the Premier indicated on Sunday that Aged Care Facilities could allow one Visitor into their facilities for 1 hour once a day per Resident.   I would like to seek your continued support of keeping our internal access closed to visitors at this time until at least Monday 19 October, as Geelong has just gone to the last step before COVID normal and I would like some further evidence that we won’t have a spike of cases during the next 14 to 21 days.

Collectively we have all worked so hard to get this far and with our outdoor visits just commencing yesterday, we want to take the approach of slow and steady as we re-open.

The thought of having a sudden influx of visitors within our Houses immediately, would appear to place our Community at a greater risk than we are comfortable with at this time.   As a management team we need to continue to work on our detailed planning for our visitor “high risk COVID safe plan” to ensure we re-open to internal visitors in a compassionate and controlled way.

Responding to last week’s communication and your request for take away coffee, I am pleased to let you know that you can purchase take away coffee from Stella’s Café through the window from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm from today.  Our Volunteers are very happy to be back on site!

As an organisation we will be continuing our rigorous internal infection control management plan for some months to come and this will also impact on your internal visiting.

We couldn’t have achieved what we have, without your ongoing support and encouragement and I trust this will be the case as we adjust to what life will look in an aged care facility in the new COVID normal.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, we just need to hang in there a bit longer!

Take care everyone and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing and make sure you wear your mask!!

Kind regards,

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

30 September 2020


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