COVID-19 update 24 June 2021

Dear friends

With numbers remaining at zero in COGG and coming down in metropolitan Melbourne, and in line with the directive from the Victorian Government, I confirm that a decision has been made to ease our protective practices and allow internal visits to Residents’ Rooms from Friday 25 June 2021.

Visits will be permitted between 9.30 am and 12 noon and 1.00 pm & 5.00 pm seven days a week, with the recommended number of visitors from the Government being only 2 at a time and a maximum of 5 visitors per day.  No restriction on the times you visit or length of visit (although we would prefer if you could keep visits to a maximum of 2 hours).  Requests for visits outside of these hours must be made by contacting the Registered Nurse in Charge by phone so that you can be admitted into the facility. 

Whilst there are no known COVID infection cases in Geelong as part of MACS’ internal COVID safe plan, we ask that visitors have their visits in Residents’ Rooms and/or outdoors.  Please no congregating in public indoor spaces, lounge rooms or dining rooms. Masks must be worn at all times on site at MACS.

Visitors will still need to register as they enter the facility and declare that they:

Given that there have been issues with people having to wait for their flu vaccine after their COVID vaccine, we have extended the deadline to provide your flu vaccination evidence to the 15th of July. After this time, entry to MACS will not be allowed unless proof of flu vaccination has been provided. The Pod will remain operational for those people who have not had their flu vaccination and bookings must be made through Heather on 52796800

If you are taking your family member out, we request that you observe all Government guidelines around social distancing. Living within a community heightens our concerns around the risk of an unintentional exposure out in the public sphere and we thank you for your support in this regard. 

Directions are updated regularly and can be found here.

Take care everyone, and please continue to wash those hands x 2 and keep on social distancing!!

 Kind Regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

24 June 2021




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