COVID-19 update 22 April 2021

Dear friends and family

I understand how disappointed many of you were with the postponement of our COVID Vaccinations on the 15th April.

We had further contact with the Public Health Unit yesterday and been informed that MACS Residents will now be receiving their first Pfizer vaccination on Thursday 6 May and their second dose on Thursday 27 May.

Consent forms already held for the first attempt at the vaccination process remain valid. 

Detail plans are in place to ensure the vaccination process is carried out in a safe manner and the well-being of our Residents is our primary concern.  I am sure as you continue to hear on the news and read in the press, we are being directed by Government as to how and when the vaccinations are rolled out.

As a senior staff group, we continue to meet regularly on COVID matters.   At a recent meeting we discussed when we could further ease restrictions on co-horting of staff and removal of the pod.  We would like to get through the winter months and also complete the COVID vaccination program and so are looking at 1 September.  As I am sure you agree, it is pleasing that things in Victoria are very stable at the moment.

We are working through the issue of flu vaccinations and COVID vaccinations noting that there must be at least two weeks in between each vaccination.  This not only applies to our residents but also to our staff.  Some of our residents received their flu vaccinations yesterday and families were contacted regarding this.  In some respects, we need to be extra vigilant around the flu this year and our infection control protocols.  We seek your ongoing support with this by ensuring you do not visit if you are feeling unwell.   We are still waiting for a directive from the Department of Health regarding evidence required from visitors for their 2021 vaccination.

On a non-COVID note, I would like to advise that the next Community Engagement Forum zoom meeting will be held on Thursday 13 May – if you would like to participate in this, please email our Executive Assistant Sandy on and she will send through the zoom invitation details to you.

Take care everyone and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing and make sure you wear your mask especially at MACS!!

 Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

22 April 2021                                                                                                      

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