COVID-19 update 21 January 2021

Dear friends,

The following information has been received from the Victorian State Government:

• There are no longer specific limits under the Victorian Chief Health Officer’s directions for visitors to care facilities. This means that the number of visits, the length of the visit and the purpose of the visit are no longer limited by Chief Health Officer directions. People of any age can visit people in care facilities.
• When you visit a person in an aged care facility you must wear a face mask. You must not visit people in care facilities if you feel unwell.
• Residents of care facilities can go out from the care facility.
• Visitors will still need to register as they enter the facility and declare that they:
• have not been in contact with a confirmed case and
• have not been required to isolate or quarantine in accordance whilst waiting for the results of the COVID test.
• Have no symptoms of COVID
Whilst there are no known COVID infection cases in Geelong, as part of MACS’ internal COVID safe plan, we ask that visitors continue to have their visits in Residents’ Rooms and/or outdoors. Please no congregating in public indoor spaces, lounge rooms or dining rooms.
You also need to be aware that the State of Emergency has been extended until 29 January 2021 by the Victorian State Government to allow the Chief Health Officer’s directions to remain in force.

We are all aware though how quickly things can change and we will remain vigilant in the managing our visitors’ protocol should the data indicate it.

There has also been significant public discussion about vaccines and who will be prioritised to receive them. At this stage we have no detailed information but will pass it on to you as soon as we have been informed.

Thank you for supporting the work we do, acknowledging the way we care and how we go about our work, it means a lot to us to have your confidence, trust and support.

Take care everyone and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing and make sure you wear your mask especially at MACS!!

Kind regards,

Joy Leggo
Chief Executive Officer
21 January 2021

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