covid 19 update 20 May 2021

Dear friends

I hope you are staying warm on these chilly days, and winter hasn’t commenced yet!

On 6th May, 79 residents received their first Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19.  It was pleasing that we had no one experience any major adverse effects.  The Aspen team will be back on Thursday 27th May from 0800 to complete the second dose.  Thanks to Luba, our Director of Care,  and her team for running a very well organised clinic with the medical team from Aspen very complimentary of how organised we were.

An important reminder to you all that you must provide us with evidence of your 2021 flu vaccination by Monday 31 May or you will not be able to visit.  You can do this by return email to this address, or by bringing it in and we can copy and place on file.  Our pod will be available for bookings for those family members who do not wish to have the flu vaccination.

I can also let you know that many of our Residents have NOT received their flu vaccination as yet.  These numbers will increase once the residents have received their 2nd Pfizer vaccine and have allowed for 14 days until they are able to be administered their Fluvax.

As mentioned before our concern remains around the possibility of a third wave of COVID entering Victoria and also the impact of the influenza season.  2020 saw us with very few cases as we had no one visiting!  We need to remain extra vigilant for the rest of 2021.

Take care everyone and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing and make sure you wear your mask especially at MACS!! Coming into winter we need to be extra vigilant.


Warm regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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