COVID 19 Update 14 October 2021

Dear friends

Current cases in Greater Geelong & Surfcoast as at 14/10 -176, Vaccination rates for the COGG – 1st vaccination 93.7% and 2nd vaccination 68%. 

You may well have heard or read in some media outlets that a number of Aged Care Facilities in Victoria are experiencing outbreaks of COVID in facilities.  I trust you can appreciate our continued push to keep everyone safe and for you all to work with us in what I believe will be one of the most difficult times of the pandemic as restrictions are eased.  From all accounts it appears that restrictions may ease around 21 October and we are currently finalising what that may look like here at MACS. 

As mentioned in a previous communication we will be tightly controlling the number of visitors allowed to enter one House per day, and will also be undertaking Rapid Antigen Testing (COVID) for unvaccinated visitors at their cost.  We have applied to be a part of a Commonwealth funded Rapid Antigen Testing pilot program and if successful, the cost of the testing will be reduced but for the time being all pod visits plus exemption visits continue.

For those family members or representatives who are vaccinated, you can commence providing us with evidence now by either showing your vaccination digital certificate or emailing through the certificate – so that we can log the information into our system. As information is finalised in relation to easing of restrictions, we will keep you updated.

Time table for Pod visits for the next ten days between 10.00am–11:30am and 1.00pm-3.00pm:

Friday 15 October                   Annie O’Malley House

Saturday 16 October              Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Sunday 17 October                Mary Costa House

Monday 18 October                Annie O’Malley House

Tuesday 19 October               Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Wednesday 20 October         Mary Costa House

Thursday 21 October              Annie O’Malley House

Friday 22 October                   Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Saturday 23 October              Mary Costa House     

Sunday 24 October                Annie O’Malley House

Collectively, you and the MACS Team have done a great job thus far.  Working together, we can do this, I know it is getting harder as the numbers grow, but the vaccination rates are getting higher, we just need to stay the course.  We thank you for your support and acknowledge the great effort by our staff to keep your loved ones safe. 

Take care everyone, and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing, and QR coding everywhere!!

Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

14 October 2021

PS: Thank you so much to those family members and residents who have supported our “Lend a Paw for Kika” campaign.  To date $3,005 has been raised.  We will be closing this campaign on Wednesday 20 October. If you would like to support us with this please go to

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