COVID-19 update 11 November 2021

Dear friends

Current cases in Greater Geelong & Surfcoast as at 11/11 -378,  Vaccination rates for the COGG – 1st vaccination >95% and 2nd vaccination 92.6%. 

We hope that you are enjoying catching up with your loved ones as restrictions have eased. Any further easing of restrictions will be announced after the 24th of November.


We have a shed in the visitor’s car park which you can drive up to have a test while sitting in your car. It takes 15 minutes at the most. During the process you are asked to swab the inside of your nose and are given instructions on how to do the test.

PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING THE TEST EVERY TIME YOU ENTER MACS to help us reduce the risk of a Covid outbreak in the facility.

Please see visit schedule for the coming week. Visits are permitted between 9.30 am and 11.30 am and 1.00 pm & 4.00 pm. Please could you ensure that you stick to the nominated day for your house visit, unless you require an exemption to visit on a different day. Requests for visits outside of these hours must be made by contacting the Registered Nurse in Charge by phone. 

Friday 12 November                  Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Saturday 13 November              Mary Costa House

Sunday 14 November                Annie O’Malley House

Monday 15 November               Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Tuesday 16 November               Mary Costa House

Thursday 17 November             Annie O’Malley House

Friday 18 November                  Borrela House & Gerda’s House

Again, please note the below conditions which must be adhered to:

  • All visitors must go straight to the Resident’s Room (no common indoor areas) and masks must be worn at all times (up to two at a time with a maximum of 5 per day);
  • All visitors must provide evidence of vaccination status before entry (this will only need to be provided once);
  • Usual screening processes will apply before entry;
  • Unvaccinated visitors or who do not wish to disclose their vaccination status will be required to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (at a cost of $20) prior to entry;
  • For end-of-life visits, maximum of 5 visitors at one time allowed, but unvaccinated visitors will be required to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test, at no cost;
  • Pod visits will remain available, seven days per week but will need to be booked;
  • We strongly discourage unvaccinated Residents leaving the facility, but if they do so, they will be required to have a nasal swab on return or as per a schedule yet to be determined.
  • We are still collecting vaccination certificates from visitors and registering these in our system – please keep sending these through to this email address.
  • Residents are permitted to go out, but must sign the outing register on departure from MACS.  If you are taking your family member out, we request that you observe all Government guidelines around social distancing.

On another note, we will be holding our Community Engagement forum on Wednesday 18 November at 11am by zoom – if you would like to attend this forum, could you please send an email to this address and the zoom details will be forwarded to you.

Take care everyone, and please continue to wash those hands x 2, keep on social distancing, and QR coding everywhere!!

Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

11 November 2021

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