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Dear friends

As we all start to return to a COVID normal state of living, I just want to take some time to reflect on what the past 18 months have meant for our community. I still remain anxious that until we get to our 90% of double vaccinated population, we are at risk of a COVID case within our facilities. I urge you for the next 3 weeks, even though we are allowing visitors, that we all remain extra vigilant.

I remember back in December 2019 watching what was unfolding in Italy with the pandemic and thinking, this is coming our way and the impact it would have.  The second quarter of 2020 it was all a bit chaotic with Government directives changing on a daily basis and we watched in horror as the virus hit our industry and the death toll rose. 

Our Visitor Pods have been a blessing keeping families connected over the past 15 months.  Each one of us has responded in different ways to the Pandemic.  We have had incredibly supportive families and family members that have challenged our decisions in relation to not allowing visitors within our facilities. 

Our staff have been amazing, they have had to work under difficult circumstances, wearing masks and shields and at times full PPE.  They too have struggled. Grateful that they have had economic security, but concerned about what the future holds for their families and loved ones and ever mindful of the vulnerable community they are looking after. 

Our Volunteers were also impacted with severed connections with our residents over long periods. They missed coming in and our residents missed them. We are so looking forward to having our volunteer program up and running at full capacity again.

But it is our residents and home care consumers that I have the most admiration for; their resilience has taught many of us a valuable life lesson.  Yes, for many of them they have seen and been through far worse in their lives and if I was told once I was told 100 times “Joy, we have a lot to be thankful for in this life, we are well cared for, food on the table, contact with our families, what more can I ask for? This pandemic will pass, we just have to be patient.”

So, to everyone who is reading this, my heartfelt thanks for supporting us on this journey.

An update for you on our Multicultural Sensory and Therapy Garden.  The extraordinary amount of rain experienced over the past month has put our plans back by six weeks, but hopefully you will see some action in this space in the coming weeks. All the planning has been finalised and items of equipment have been purchased ready for installation. 

We are looking forward to getting the Piazza, including the Café and Boutique back full of activity and life for all to enjoy.

Continue to take care everyone, stay safe as we venture back out into the world.

Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer



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