CEO News November 2020

Dear friends,

It appears that we have turned the corner with COVID-19 and things are starting to return to some form of normality.  We still remain quite cautious here at MACS and will do so into the winter months of 2021.  Whilst a part of me does not want to say it, I am still concerned about the possibility of a third wave next year. I hope that this will not be the case.

In October’s newsletter, when acknowledging staff for years of service and educational achievements, I inadvertently omitted one of our staff, Erik Kvietelaitis, on his Bachelor of Nursing and Grad Year. Congratulations Erik on your achievement.

To the family members of Borrela House, Mary Costa House, Annie O’Malley House and Gerda’s House, I need to inform you of a change to one of our processes.  Our Nurse Unit Care Coordinators (NUCC’s) are often attending to residents, or busy with doctors, or talking to other next of kin, and are unable take phone calls.  This can be frustrating for you as well as difficult for our NUCC’s. Please instead, would you consider emailing them on: for enquiries about Mary Costa House and Gerda’s House residents. for enquiries about Borrela House and Annie O’Malley House residents.

Our administration team has also been instructed to take a message during office hours if you do phone and they will email the appropriate NUCC with your phone details if you do not have an email address.  If the matter is urgent then please tell the administration team member who answers your call and they will endeavor to contact the NUCC concerned.  If they are unable to do that your call will be put through to either Luba, the Director of Care or Cheryl, the Deputy Director of Care.

The NUCC’s will respond as soon as possible (but it may not be the same day). We appreciate your support with this and hope you understand that the demands on our NUCC’s are significant.

October is the month that we hold our Statutory Annual General Meeting to meet our obligations under the Incorporated Associations Act.  Our Annual Report and audited financial statements and accompanying notes are now available and you can access both from the Resources/Library page here.

Election of Office Bearers was also held at the Board meeting immediately following the Annual General Meeting and I am pleased to report that there have been no changes to positions and committees by the Board. These remain as follows:

Spiro Fatouros – Board Chair, Chair Governance Committee & Member Finance & Audit Committee

Gillian Costa – Deputy Chair, Chair Community Engagement Forum & Member Governance Committee

Deanne Firth – Treasurer

Gerald De Stefano – Chair Quality, Risk & Compliance Committee

Tess Aberline – Chair Elders Rights Committee

Gael Perry – Member Community Engagement Forum & Member Elders Rights Committee

Zoe McCuberry – Member Quality, Risk & Compliance Committee

Garry Kovacs – Member Quality, Risk & Compliance Committee & Member Governance Committee

Peter Birkett – Member Quality, Risk & Compliance Committee

Working Party Group members for the proposed merger with Diversitat are; Spiro Fatouros, Garry Kovacs, Deanne Firth & Tess Aberline

You may recall in the July Newsletter I advised you that we were in discussion with Diversitat regarding a proposed merger.  This has now progressed to the point where a formal resolution will be put to both organisations’ members in late November to proceed with the merger. I will advise you of the outcome in the December News.

Over the next few weeks we have engaged a marketing company, Chatterbox Marketing, to undertake an independent 15-minute phone survey of 25% of our residential and Bella Chara families. The purpose of the survey is to determine how happy (or not) our families are with MACS Services, which will provide us with valuable and honest feedback. Naturally, participation in the phone survey is completely voluntary.

Our attention is starting to turn to our Christmas celebrations. They will be different this year, but we will celebrate the festive season in some way.

Take care everyone, and I hope you are enjoying some new-found freedoms, but please continue to wash those hands, maintain social distancing and wear your masks.

Kind regards,

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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