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Dear friends,

MACS Statutory Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 30 October and I am pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors has appointed the following office bearers for the next 12 months.

  • Chair – Gael Perry
  • Deputy Chair – Spiro Fatouros
  • Treasurer – Solomon Li
  • Finance & Audit Committee – Solomon Li (Chair), Gael Perry & Bob Holzer
  • Quality, Risk & Compliance Committee – Gerald De Stefano (Chair) & Garry Kovacs
  • Community Engagement Forum – Zoe McCubbery (Chair) & Spiro Fatouros
  • Governance Committee – Gael Perry (Chair) Spiro Fatouros & Gillian Costa
  • Elder Rights Committee – Tess Alberline (Chair) & Gael Perry

MACS Annual report and Financial Statements for 2017-2018 are available at

On the same day as the AGM we acknowledged our board and staff for their years of service and dedication and commitment to MACS;  1 Board Director for 10 years, 5 staff members for 10 years, 1 staff member for 15 years and 2 staff members for 20 years.

We also congratulated and celebrated with 7 staff members who have successfully completed accredited education during the year and 3 staff members for their commitment and achievements. These annual presentations are always happy occasions; sometimes there are tears as we acknowledge something special about a staff member, but in essence it is an opportunity for the leadership team and our educator to personally acknowledge individual staff members.

We also had the pleasure to present our Inaugural MAD (Making a difference) Award to staff member Danuta Olechnowicz who was the overall winner for the year chosen from the 12 monthly winners.  The MAD Awards recognise someone that demonstrates the MACS values on a day to day basis and excels in what they do.

MACS has reviewed its fire and emergency procedures (and does so regularly) but especially with reference to the up-coming summer season when fires are more likely. Even though MACS is in a ‘low risk’ area, the organisation takes emergency management seriously residentially and there are comprehensive emergency plans for each and every MACS’ Home Care Consumer to ensure we are prepared at all times. We also get alerts from the Federal/State governments on ‘high risk’ days. MACS works closely with fire and emergency services, has routines in place and all our staff are trained to deal with an emergency should it arise.

In light of that review a decision has been made that from Monday 3 December 2018, visitors will not have to sign in when they enter any of MACS Houses.  Sign in books will be removed from entrances on that day.  However it is extremely important that residents or relatives on behalf of a resident do sign out if they are leaving the facility so we account for everyone if there is an emergency.

I trust that everyone will assist us with this very important procedure.  The safety and whereabouts of our residents remains one of our highest priorities.

For more News please see MACS News November edition.

Warm regards,


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