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Dear friends

Monday 3 May, a momentous day for me when my role as MACS Chief Executive Officer expands significantly as I take on the role of CEO of Multicultural Community Services Geelong (MCSG) Inc., the new overarching governing body for the merger of MACS and Diversitat, as well as being the ongoing CEO for a number of months for MACS and Diversitat. The first major change is that I have relocated into new corporate offices at Thompson Road, in what was the old Target Head Office and is now leased by Gateways Support Services.  We have leased part of a ground floor space and our Home Services team from Melbourne Road and administration teams from both Diversitat and MACS will make this their new home for at least the next five years as we continue work on our strategic directions.

The strategic context that the Directors have set for the rest of the year is ensuring that the focus on consumers in never compromised and MCSG will use 2021 to:

  • Finalise the transition from two separate entities, MACS and Diversitat, into a single, smoothly operating organisation servicing its consumers
  • Move from an interim strategy to a firmly set future strategic direction with goals, performance metrics and clear strategic priorities
  • Build a vibrant, cohesive culture, especially in its leaders at all levels
  • Assemble the capabilities that will enable it to deliver services to an exceptional standard
  • Establish a business model that ensures its long-term sustainability.

Following a number of Director strategic planning sessions, the current 14 Directors – 9 from MACS and 5 from Diversitat, have developed the following Purpose, Vision and Values for the new entity. It will be these statements that underpin all that we do to establish MCSG.

Our Purpose: To provide innovative services to support, care for and celebrate culturally diverse individuals throughout their life journey.

Our Vision: Empowering diverse individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Our Values: In pursuing our Purpose to deliver our Vision and achieve our Goals, we will work together in prioritising our Values of Inclusion, Integrity, Sustainability, Kindness.

To support these statements the Directors have developed up the following four goals which will help set us on the path to future success for the balance of 2021.

  1. To collaborate and innovate for greater positive impact on our consumers and communities.
  2. To apply good leadership and develop a shared culture and excellent capabilities for achieving our goals.
  3. To operate streamlined innovative business systems, processes and technology.
  4. To safeguard our sustainability and use our combined financial  resources wisely.

MCSG is not only Aged Care Services; it also incorporates Settlement and Refugee Services, a number of Social Enterprises such as The Pulse Radio Station, and a training arm. I want to reassure the MACS community that I will still be available to chat with you or address any of your concerns and can be contacted by the same email and the same phone number 5279 6800. For the next few months it will be business as usual and apart from the establishment of a corporate office you will not notice a lot of other changes.  Whilst there is a lot of “merger” work being undertaken in the background, the next important piece of work will be the appointment of the general manager’s positions across the new organisation. It is an exciting time with significant opportunities to further improve the services to our community and I look forward to being a part of that.

We have been informed by our Public Health Network – Western Victoria, that our residents will now be receiving their Pfizer COVID19 vaccinations on 6 May 2021 from 8am (first dose) and 27 May 2021 from 8am (second dose). We have met with representatives of the company who will be administering the vaccines and have devised a plan to ensure that all our residents who have consented to the vaccine will receive it in a safe and well organised manner. The Chapel will be used as our vaccination centre and residents will be facilitated to and from the area as required. Our Wellbeing team, as well as some extra nursing staff will be rostered on for both days to assist with the logistics.

I hope all of you who celebrated Orthodox Easter on 2 May had a very happy time and my best wishes to all mums for a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday 9 May.

Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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