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Dear friends,

This month’s news focusses on the importance of receiving feedback from our Residents, Home Care Consumers and their families and representatives.

During 2019 we trialled the introduction of a feed-back system “Tell Touch” in our Residential facilities.  Being of relatively new technology at the time, it did prove problematic early on, and then we were consumed keeping everyone safe from the pandemic.  We are now able to re-introduce this feed-back system.  We encourage Residents and representatives to provide their feedback through a simple to use in-house kiosk or mobile phone app. You can provide feedback as many times as you wish. We have installed kiosks in the Borrela House foyer, at main reception, and in Stella’s Café. You cannot miss them, and we welcome your input. Families representatives will need to put the location in when they enter their comment. When providing feedback using the kiosk, you may remain anonymous, but we would welcome you putting your details in so we can respond to you if you are unhappy or very unhappy with any of our services.  A kiosk will be established in the foyer of Bella Chara during March.  Click here to access a brochure on how to download the mobile app. One of the things that attracted us to this system was that feedback can be provided in 41 different languages.

We would also appreciate hearing from you the good things we do as well.  Our aim is for you to “tell us early, tell us often” so we can respond to any concerns you may have and provide positive comments to staff quickly. We see this as being a much more proactive approach than scheduled satisfaction surveys which only captures a moment in time.   We have also allocated some dedicated staff time to ensure that all our Residents are given the opportunity to provide us with feedback in their language of choice.

If you would like assistance in downloading the app, please feel free to speak to Heather de Bakker at Reception on 5279 6800. From a governance perspective, the Tell Touch system provides us with reports that allows us to monitor our performance, support compliance and address emerging issues quickly.

For our Home Care Consumers, we have engaged an independent firm “Chatterbox” who will be seeking feedback from a selection of consumers and representatives (not known to us) over the coming weeks about our services.  We continue to investigate how you can provide us with the same sort of “tell us early, tell us often” feedback rather than a moment in time survey.  We will keep you informed as we continue to work on this.

As we have worked within a new era of dealing with a pandemic, the Board Directors have looked at how they remain connected with our community, especially family representatives.  In the past there has been a nominated family representative or Resident for each House and a Home Care consumer attend a quarterly meeting and provide Directors with feedback.  It has been decided that for 2021 we will change this to inviting all family representatives to participate in a zoom meeting, so that you all can hear what is happening at MACS and raise any general concerns or get questions answered.  It will not be a forum to discuss specific Residents or Home Care issues, but general issues.

These zoom meetings will be scheduled in March, and we invite your input as to what would be a good time to hold them.  If you have an idea about this could you please email Sandy on or contact her on 5279 6800.   Meetings to be held will be a combined meeting for family representatives and friends of Borrela House, Mary Costa House, Annie O’Malley House, and Gerda’s House.  There will be a separate meeting for family representatives of Bella Chara and another one for Home Care Consumers and their representatives.  The meetings will be Chaired by Deputy Board Chair Gil Costa and will be attended by Director Gael Perry and senior staff appropriate to that meeting.  We will trial this during 2021 and then seek your feedback as part of the evaluation.

One last thing from me is around COVID Vaccinations.  Work will commence this week in our Commonwealth funded facilities around the commencement of seeking consent for receiving the vaccine.  At the time of writing, we are still waiting to receive detailed information from the Government as to when we may be scheduled to receive the vaccine here at MACS.  Please be assured that as soon as we have information about this, we will pass it on.

Kind regards,


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