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Dear friends,

February is always a busy month as our Board Committee meetings restart in the new year. We also review our Consumer and Relative Surveys which were undertaken in late 2018. A summary is detailed below. 

Consumer Survey
Overall Satisfaction 84.69%. Return rate 72.13%. Anything under 72% needs an action plan.

Gerda’s House
An overall rating of 85.11% against the average mean score of 64.94% was achieved.
Consumer survey completed through quality of life index through our benchmarking with QPS.

Mary Costa House overall score 82.80%. Return rate 62%

Improvements of more than 5% in:

-Autonomy & choice increase by 7.17%
-Activities & Lifestyle increase by 5.68%
-Medical & Therapy increase by 7.92%
-Wellbeing & overall satisfaction increase by 5.75%
In 2017 the following two items had been raised in MCH and have greatly improved:
1.Access to Library: 2017 – 53.33% 2018 – 75.00%
2.Having enough staff: 2017 – 64.44% 2018 – 67.14%
Improvements and monitoring required 2018:
-Having enough staff – whilst improved the result is still 67.14% and will continue to be monitored
-Appetising and tasty food and drinks – 70.00%

Annie O’Malley House overall score 87.95%. Return rate 78.00%

Improvements of more than 5% in:

-Care approach increased by 12%
-Personal care increased by 8.35%
-Autonomy & choice increased by 12.42%
-Medical & therapy services increased by 9.30%
-Activities & lifestyle increased by 7.89%
-Meals & dining increased by 7.19%
-Cleaning & laundry increased by 5.50%
-Communication & Social involvement increased by 7.23%
-Wellbeing & overall satisfaction increased by 7.20%
Improvements and monitoring required 2018:
-Having enough staff – 76.92% – this was raised last year, and whilst it has improved still needs to be monitored.
-Highlights – no great variance from consumers

Borrela House overall score 83.95%. Return rate 64%
Whilst there are improvements in many areas only one over over 5%
Access to internet hub/service
2017 result 66.67, 2018 84%
Improvements and monitoring required 2018:

-Having enough staff 68.57%

Relative Survey
Overall Satisfaction: 87.88%. Return rate: 40%

Gerda’s House – Not enough data to present.

Mary Costa House overall score 86.65%. Return rate 30%
Any variances of more than 5%:
-Care approach – down by 6.40%
-Cleaning & laundry – down by 7.20%
-Autonomy & choice – increased by 7.17%
-Activities & Lifestyle – increased by 5.68%
-Medical & Therapy – increased by 7.92%
-Wellbeing & overall satisfaction – increased by 5.75%
2017 – nothing to action
2018 – only one point needs action – Personal items to the laundry go missing – 68.00%

Annie O’Malley House overall score 87.51%. Return rate 57.00%
Any variances of more than 5%:
-Care approach down by 7.42%
-Personal Care Services down by 6.68%
-Meals & Dinning down by 6.99%
-Overall satisfaction down by 6.99%
Highlights – no great variance from relatives.

Borrela House overall score 95.57%. Return rate 57.00%
2017 Having enough staff to meet everyone’s needs
2018 – nothing under 72%

Home Services Consumers and nominated representatives 32% of surveys were returned with overall consumer satisfaction rating 91.67%
Bella Chara Consumer overall score 90.46%. Return Rate 64.00%. Relative overall score 93.40%. Return Rate 39.00%
No areas of concern or variances of greater than 5%.

A highlight for me during February was Beau’s visit to our Residential Houses. Staff member Cheryl accompanied Beau on his meander through the Houses, into consumers rooms and he thoroughly enjoyed all the carrots he was given to chomp on. But to see the delight on the consumers faces was something to behold. Consumer Janelle, very sprightly jumped on his back and to see her smile was just priceless. They say that equine therapy has some amazing benefits and we hope that Beau will come back soon to spend some time with us.

March will see some of the staff wearing purple t-shirts with the word “well-being” to coincide with Standard 4 – Services and supports for daily living. Please stop and ask a staff member what this really means for you.

Warm regards,
Joy Leggo

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