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Dear friends

This month I have invited Luba Pryslak, Director of Care, to let you know of some changes that are taking place within the care team. 

But before that, I would like to take a moment to talk about “change” and how that impacts on people.  You will have heard that we are continuing with “business as usual” at the moment, and for our front-line staff that is true.  However, subtly at a higher level within the organisation things have changed.  The mere fact that I have moved out of MACS into the corporate office and am now CEO for three organisations, has caused me to reflect on my own feelings. Similar to the grieving process, I think I have gone through the 7 phases of grieving quite quickly. 

Whilst I have been a key player in the merger discussions, I have felt a keen loss of leaving the residents, staff and volunteers at MACS.  I no longer have the time to wander the corridors and chat with everyone or to go and say goodbye and support the family whilst a loved one is receiving end of life care.  I remember some 15 years ago when we opened Mary Costa House and I left my office in Borrela House and went behind a closed door. It took quite some time for residents and families to adjust to the change, but adapt we do, and I am sure over time we will find a new rhythm of life at MACS. 

It is my aim when things have settled, that I spend half a day each week out and about at our combined facilities, connecting with staff, volunteers, residents, families and consumers.  That sense of connection is so important and if I don’t strive to do that, then how will we ensure that MCSG lives its values of Inclusion, Integrity, Sustainability & Kindness.  Just as I am adjusting, so is Luba, who has now taken on so much more.  So perhaps we can all do with a little bit of kindness towards each other.

Recently the Wellbeing Liaison Officer position in our residential area became vacant. On careful review of the position, it was decided that we would trial a new format/structure to ensure all the responsibilities of the role can be fulfilled to maintain our resident centred approach to care for all our residents. With this in mind, we have changed the previous full-time position into two part time positions and they will be called House Liaison Officers (HLO) – one each to work in the current Nurse Unit Coordinators areas of Mary Costa House and Gerda’s House, and Annie O’Malley House and Borrela House. I am very pleased to announce that our Enrolled Nurses, Colleen Osborne and Anastasia Deronjic accepted these positions and formally commenced in their roles on 28 June. Over the next few weeks, the HLOs will make an attempt to call or have contact with every resident’s first contact, to introduce themselves and explain their roles and how they can be contacted.

Our 2021 Annual Giving Appeal has started with a bang and we are thrilled to have raised $25,993 at the time of writing. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated to date.  The new fencing is commencing very soon and our hope is to have this fabulous project completed by November if we can raise further funds. Please click here is you would like to donate. 

With the merger of Diversitat and MACS, we’ve engaged the creative bunch at Chatterbox Marketing to help us conduct a community consultation to help come up with a new name for the organisation. We invite EVERYONE connected with Diversitat and MACS to participate where they can throughout July. There’ll be gift vouchers and prizes to be won so you have to be in it, to win it!

All you have to do is ‘choose your own adventure’ from the list below and provide your input on this exciting project by sharing your ideas/thoughts with us.

The consultation channels available for you to choose from are:

  • Face-to-Face Workshops
  • Zoom Workshops
  • Phone Surveys
  • Online Surveys

To participate, please visit:

We remain concerned about COVID and monitor the situation closely.  With large parts of Australia now experiencing a range of different forms of restrictions, the Senior Management Team are on alert and we have recommenced weekly Risk Meetings to make sure we are as prepared as we can be.  We do value the support you have shown us during what is turning out to be a long and difficult time.

Please be safe, social distance, wash those hands and take care of each other.

Kind regards

Joy Leggo, Chief Executive Officer and Luba Pryslak, Director of Care



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