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Dear friends,

Nearing half way point of our winter months and we have managed so far to keep the winter “bugs” away from our Residents.  Our staff unfortunately have not been so lucky and we have had higher than usual sick leave in the past two weeks.  I probably can’t say this enough, but if you are at all unwell please don’t come in and visit as we would dearly love to get through the winter months and into early spring without any outbreaks.

As from 1 July 2019, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will begin assessment and monitoring against the new Aged Care Quality Standards. We continue to work on these new standards and there is no doubt that they challenge us in a good way to continue to place the focus of our care on the choices our Residents want to make and not on our routines.  It is difficult at times to change “old ways”  but we see ourselves on a journey and in partnership we can make this happen.

The fifth hearing of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety has just concluded in Perth and looked into person-centred care.  

Key themes that came out of this hearing included:

  1. How social attitudes inform the delivery of aged care;
  2. Importance of relationships (including respect, dignity and trust) to delivering quality care; and
  3. Importance of organisational leadership in delivering quality person-centred care.

I was heartened to read Point 2 of this as dignity and respect form part of MACS Core values.

The Commission heard a lot evidence reflecting on what is ‘person-centred care’, as well as how ‘task-focused’ work detracts from person-centred care and also what it looks like when care relationships fail in aged care.

For our Commonwealth Funded Residents and Home Care Consumers you will receive some correspondence from me shortly that will require your attention. 

From 1 July 2019, the new Charter of Aged Care Rights will provide the same rights to all consumers/residents, regardless of the type of Australian Government funded care and services they receive.

The Charter will apply to consumers/residents once they start receiving Australian Government funded aged care, including:

  • residential care
  • home care packages
  • flexible care
  • services provided under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program.

The new Charter of Aged Care Rights is easy to read and focusses on 14 high-level consumer/resident rights and will make it easier for consumers/residents, their families, carers and representatives to understand what they can expect from an aged care service.

Part of the new requirements include that MACS must:

  • give consumers/residents/their representatives a copy of the new Charter signed by the provider
  • assist the consumer/resident/representative to understand the Charter
  • ensure that the consumer or their authorised person has been given a reasonable opportunity to sign a copy of the Charter

Alongside this Charter of Aged Care Rights our Commonwealth funded Residential Residents or Representatives will also be sent a copy of our Policy on Safety & Security Protections for Individuals on site at MACS, which we would also like you to read and sign. 

MACS has developed this policy and procedure so that visitors, staff and contractors understand that a certain level of behaviour is expected at MACS.

At MACS we are committed to:

  • Delivering the highest standards of professional care and services to our residents and customers; and
  • Being a quality focused organisation, committed to ethical standards, safety requirements and aim to exceed the expectations of all our customers which includes our residents, visitors and dedicated staff.

With both these documents, I will be more than happy to discuss any concerns anyone may have.

Stay warm!

Warm regards,


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