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Dear friends,

Our Christmas festivities continue here at MACS as we celebrate Orthodox Christmas Day on Tuesday 8 January and Orthodox New Year on Tuesday 15 January. I trust that you have all had a happy and festive time with family and friends. A brand new year and what will 2019 hold for MACS?

Excitingly, we are celebrating 25 years of service to our community this year. What a long way MACS has come in 25 years! From its humble beginnings as a 40-bed low care facility known as Geelong Multicultural Hostel Inc. to a fully integrated residential and home-based service provider today. Kicking off our celebrations on Thursday 31 January (the date I commenced with MACS 25 years ago) will be a barbeque lunch; the official opening of our Walking Track; the official opening of Stan’s Shed and the launch of our ‘Green Campaign’.   

We will be participating in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The first directions hearing will be held on 18 January 2019 and we will be providing a written submission which needs to be lodged by 8 February 2019.

Many of you may have noticed during December that staff were wearing red t-shirts with the word CHOICE and the question – Ask me why I am wearing red?  This was to introduce you to the Government’s New Aged Care Quality Standards that will be in place from 1 July 2019. While the number of Standards is increasing from 4 to 8 they mostly cover the same ground we are familiar with. There will be some changes to the way we do things and you will have a chance to help. However it is important that everyone involved with MACS is made aware of these standards and so over the next 7 months part of my letter will be to inform you of what it all means. So for January our word is YOU 

Source: Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website
(The use of this image does not constitute an endorsement by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency of MACS’ activities.)

Standard 2 – You

In the new standards there is a change of name for the people using our services from ‘resident’ or ‘care recipient’ to ‘consumer’. Most people think of shops when they hear ‘consumer’. The thing about shops is the good ones have worked out they don’t survive if they don’t deliver what their consumers want. No one goes back to shops that don’t have good service or the products their consumers want.

With the changes in Aged Care Services towards ‘person centred care’ we have been working to find out what the people who use our services want and need. The new Standards make this the centre of Standard 2 – ongoing assessment and planning with consumers.

Standard 2 is all about the person who is choosing to use our service – YOU. We find out what you want by planning for your care and assessing your needs. We are working out what people want in our ‘shop’. We do this in a strong partnership with the person using our service and their families or representatives. MACS has good communication with consumers and their families already and we will be working on making it better. If you have any ideas to make communication better please drop in a suggestion.

I look forward to another exciting year at MACS.

Warm regards,


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