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Dear friends,

The first month of a new year gone already and it is lovely for all of us whilst still alert to be not quite so consumed with COVID news.  We continue to meet regularly on this and will continue to do so until we have a clearer understanding of how the vaccine will be rolled out alongside the change of seasons.  We are looking forward to re-establishing our Volunteer program during February back to full capacity and it is also pleasing with the continued easing of restrictions to see more of you being able to come into visit.

For our Home Care Consumers we are excited that during February we will extend our Wellbeing Program with an exciting new activity commencing at our Highton House and the recommencement of our Mindful Moves program.  It will be lovely to reconnect our home care consumers with each other once again in a COVID safe manner.  It has been long time for them not to have the company of each other.

As you are aware the decision was made in late November that MACS and Diversitat will merge sometime during 2021.  The legal name of the new entity Multicultural Community Services Geelong Inc. (MCSG) has been registered and we have appointed Graeme Howie a senior health professional to be the Merger Project Manager. A trading name for the new entity will be developed at a later stage.  For the time being it is business as usual and you will notice very little change.  Last week the new Board of MCSG met to discuss the development of the Purpose, Vision and Values for the new entity.  Robust discussion took place around this and by the end of the day we had a draft Purpose, Vision & Values in mind.  These statements will now go to the Senior Management Teams of both organisations for comment before being reviewed again by the Directors and finalised.

On Friday 29 January we had four assessors from the Aged Care quality and Safety Commission make an unannounced visit to MACS Commonwealth funded facilities.   The focus of their visit was on Standard 2 Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers (our Residents) and Standard 3 Personal care and clinical care with an emphasis on Infection Control.  Whilst their assessment has not been finalised they have indicated no major areas of concern, just some general improvements that could be made to some of our processes.  My understanding is that the assessors made a number of calls to family representatives seeking their opinion on our care.  Thank you to those family members for agreeing to participate and from what we were told your positive response.  It was pleasing to hear these comments.  We have another visit due from the Commission as our 3 year accreditation expires later this year.  The next visit will be more extensive covering 4 standards and over a number of days.

What does February hold for us, the final Report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety is due to be released by February 26 and whilst once again Aged Care will be thrust into the limelight, we hope that Government will consider the recommendations that come from this report and an overall of our current funding and governance processes will be overhauled.

I am now back in the office 3 days per week and it is lovely to catch up with Residents, Staff and soon our Volunteers again.  As usual, my door is always open if you would like to talk to me about anything.  Please contact Sandy on and she will arrange a time we can connect.

With warm regards,

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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