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Dear friends,

The last month of the year and we all have a great deal to celebrate by being reconnected with family and friends.  Reflecting on last year’s December news, who would have thought we would have been facing the year we have?  But thanks to you, the broader community of MACS, the resilience of our residents and Home Care consumers, and the amazing staff and volunteers at MACS, we have got through this very unusual year. A simple thank you seems inadequate, but without us all working together it would have been so much harder to keep MACS COVID-19 free. 

So, I will shout it out…


Chatterbox Marketing has advised me that the recent survey they undertook with resident’s families is completed. Thank you very much to the participants who took their phone calls and provided their valuable feedback on MACS services. I understand that 40 participants from across all of MACS residential areas took part in the survey and it is particularly pleasing to hear that on a scale of 1 to 10 “how likely are you to recommend MACS to your family and friends?” the average score is 9.425 out of 10 from 40 responses.

A full report will be tabled at the next Board meeting to be held this month. During late January and early February, Chatterbox Marketing will be conducting a further survey with MACS Home Care consumers and their families. 

You will no doubt have heard through various channels the decision that MACS will merge with Diversitat during 2021. For the next few months it will be business as usual for MACS and we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our long-term strategic aim is to maintain and expand services and provide a stronger voice for multicultural communities in Greater Geelong, combining 70 years of knowledge and experience. Our wish for the new entity is to provide a holistic approach to multicultural services, delivering services to our communities using a community focussed lens. In many ways the work has just begun in relation to the merger, as we commence the process of bringing together two like-minded organisations with two distinctly different operating platforms into one organisation.

I understand that some of our families in BH, MCH, AOH & GH are missing our House Christmas party.  We are here as well, but our individualised Christmas parties was the only way we could see to do this safely this year.  I do hope you are able to enjoy this special time with your relative.  To our Bella Chara families, I hope you can take the opportunity to take your loved one out for a special celebration, as we were not able to facilitate an appropriate social distanced party this year. It is starting to look “Christmassy” at MACS, although unfortunately our Chapel will remain our communication hub this year for the purposes of COVID and not available for community use.  Even though in Victoria we remain COVID free, we must remain alert and ready, at least for the next few months, as things can change very quickly.

However you celebrate your Christmas this year, I hope it is a happy time filled with laughter and love.  We have already commenced our planning for 2021 in what is becoming a new COVID normal.  Plans are to slowly continue to return our programs and services to full operations.  We remain mindful though that some countries are now experiencing a third wave of COVID, so our winter planning needs to factor this in as well.

I will be taking some annual leave from Monday 14 December returning on Monday 11 January.  Alwin Gallina, Deputy CEO and the senior management team will be taking care of things whilst I am away.

Stay safe everyone, continue to wash those hands, social distance and wear that mask!

Christmas Blessings,

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer

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