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Dear friends,

Another busy month for MACS has been completed, a touch of sadness residentially as we have had a higher than normal number of Residents pass away in July.  I do acknowledge that this does impact on our community greatly.  Staff and Volunteers become very attached to our Residents, one day we are caring for them and also have often developed relationships with their family, the next day they are gone and often we don’t get to see the family members again, so there is a real sense of loss.  The reverse side of that is the welcoming of new Residents and getting to know their family members.  We were also delighted during July that we finalised a number of discussions with new Residents for Bella Chara who will be coming in over the coming months.  Our Home Services Team is also experiencing significant growth with a number of new packages of care being signed and a growth in numbers for our Short Term Restorative Care Program.

The Community Engagement Forum which is a Board Committee that meets every 3 months and has nominated representatives from each House have requested that the August meeting which is to be held on 14 August at 1.00 pm in the Chapel be an open meeting for any Resident, Home Care Consumer or family member to attend.  The meeting Chaired by a Director goes for approximately 1 hour and is an opportunity for members of our Community to hear about what is happening at MACS but also provide feedback to us on any issues or concerns.  We would be delighted if you could join us.  An email or phone call to Sandy Ferendinos our Executive Assistant on 52796800 or email would be appreciated as afternoon tea will be provided after the meeting.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our 2019 Annual Giving Appeal. To date we have raised $13,948 of the $15,000 required to fund our Piazza sound system. Only $1,062 left to make this happen, so if you are able, your financial support would be appreciated.  We would like to close this Appeal by 15 August so that our Piazza sound system will be in place in time for our Spring Open Day on 22 September. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I am also delighted to let you know that MACS has created a commercial which is now showing at the Village Cinema in Geelong for all screens, all sessions.  It will be running for the next 6 months.  It was such fun making this commercial with the Residents.  I hope you enjoy it if you go the cinema and I would love to get some feedback from you if you do.  

August usually sees us hold a whole of organisation briefing with members of the Board and senior staff present so that we can update you on what is happening at MACS both strategically and operationally, but also an opportunity for you all to ask us any questions you may have or seek clarification.  This year will slightly different. As part of our 25 year celebrations we are holding a Spring Open Day on Sunday 22 September from 12noon to 3pm. Directors and Senior Staff will be available on the day and easily identifiable and will be only too happy to discuss with you anything you would like to raise. There will be an information booth set up in the Piazza, so we will be easy to find.

Stay warm and it will not be long before some warmer weather will be here.  But I do have to say I love the rain when we have it!

Warm regards,


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