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Dear friends,

Easter is upon us and this year our acknowledgement and celebrations will span a whole month as our Orthodox community do not celebrate until 2 May.  Easter for me is a special time – a time of reflection and new beginnings.  I trust that however you spend it; it is a happy, safe and COVID free time filled with family and friends.

Last week we held 2 of our Community Engagement Forums via a new online format.  Whilst our “zooming” numbers were relatively small, I thank those family representatives who did attend from our commonwealth funded facilities as well as Bella Chara.  Unfortunately, at the last moment we had to cancel the home services forum due to unforeseen circumstances, but will re-schedule in the near future. It was great for our Directors Gil Costa who Chaired the meeting and Gael Perry to hear the positive feedback and suggestions you made to improve our services as a whole.  These forums are intended to keep you abreast of what is happening at MACS and to raise or ask questions of a general nature. It is not the forum to raise specific Resident or Home Care Consumer issues, and we strongly encourage you to raise these with the Manager of the particular House or Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Home Care Consumers.  The duration of the meeting will be approximately one hour.

We will trial this new format for 2021 and then evaluate, but we hope this way of engaging with our broader community (whilst still being COVID safe) will give more people an opportunity to have input and hear about what is happening at MACS.  Our next meetings are scheduled for May and you will receive notice about this and will need to reply if you wish to attend.

We have still not been advised by the Government when MACS will be receiving their COVID Vaccination for our Commonwealth Funded Facilities.  Thank you to the 52 Residents and family representatives who have completed and returned their consent forms in readiness.  Further work is being completed by our staff to follow up those who have not returned them as yet.  For our Residents in Bella Chara and Home Care Consumers it will be necessary for you to make your own arrangements with your Doctor or to attend one of the public clinics being established to receive your vaccination.

For our Home Care consumers and their representatives, I wish to let you know that Karin Bauer, Home Services Manager, is no longer working at MACS after 23 years of service.  We thank her sincerely for her service and wish her well for the future.  The following staffing changes have been put in place.  Denise Sykes is Acting Home Services Manager and Megan Andriske is Acting Deputy Home Services Manager. Both been appointed into these positions until 30 June 2021 as we continue to work through the new organisational structure for Multicultural Community Services Geelong (MSCG).

In relation to the merger with Diversitat there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes!  The CEO appointment is in the process of being finalised and a special communication will be released as soon as it is.  We do however have a project underway to decide on the trading name for Multicultural Community Services Geelong (MCSG). The trading name is the name that the organisation will really be known by in a similar manner to Diversitat being the trading name for Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Incorporated.  A working group including directors and staff has been established to select a marketing agency to assist this process.  The aim of the project is to receive as many suggestions as possible for the trading name from a wide range of MCSG stakeholder groups. We hope the trading name will become well-known and recognisable throughout Geelong and will represent a respected organisation that delivers quality services and programs.  The marketing agency will meet with the Board and the management group and will also seek input in a range of different ways from the broader MCSG staff group, volunteers and member communities. 

Following the Queen’s Easter message delivered to the UK nation and watched by 24 million people, she signed off by “wishing everyone of all faiths and denominations a ‘blessed’ Easter.”

Kind regards,






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