CEO News, April 2019

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Following some very strong objections from our Residents and our Staff and with the support of the Directors it has been formally resolved that here at MACS we will not be following the direction of the Federal Government and calling our Residents, Consumers, but will remain with the word Residents.  Our documentation will reflect the word consumer, but our Residents were loud and long in their protests about not being a consumer, because to them it felt as though they were a commodity consuming goods, not a person residing in what they legally call their home.  Staff and Volunteers were also very strong in their opinion that there was nothing warm or personal about the word consumer and at a recent whole of staff “staff” meeting there was a unanimous show of hands that we retain the word Resident.

With the introduction of the new Standards from 1 July, March has seen people wearing purple and the word well-being.  Standard 4 is about caring for the whole of each person’s life (this includes emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of life as well as their relationships in the community, meals and equipment.) We are therefore interested in everyone in our MACS community being well and their well-being.  April will see us move to;

Standard 5 – Organisation’s Service Environment 

Source: Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website The use of this image does not constitute an endorsement of MACS’ activities by the AACQA

This applies mainly to the Residential components of our work and the built environment.  You will see us wearing dark grey this month.

March was also the month when we had a number of compliance visits from our governing bodies.  One visit for Bella Chara was planned and one for Residential was unannounced.  We have been advised from both bodies that we successfully met our standards and compliance obligations under the relevant regulatory Acts. We also had a Food Safety Audit conducted by one of the City of Greater Geelong’s Environmental Health Officers (EHO) and I thought I would share with you some comments she made during the audit of main kitchen, servery kitchenettes and Bella Chara. She stated that “all kitchens were some of the cleanest kitchens she has seen in her time as an EHO officer in both Melbourne and Geelong. The entire site was impeccable in its cleanliness.”  It is important therefore that you are all aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes and the overall dedication the staff show each and every day to ensure MACS meets its statutory obligations.  Well done MACS team.

During April members of the leadership team will be off-site for one day to do some planning on the implementation of the new standards and the staff wellness strategy as part of our Strategic Plan, Goal 4.  ‘Continue to develop MACS staff, volunteers, capability and culture.’ MACS staff and volunteers remain one of our highest priorities. Our focus is to remain the best place to work, grow the capabilities of our staff and volunteers and build a vibrant, sustainable culture.


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