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Dear friends

Welcome to Spring everyone, my favourite season of the year.

I hope that you are all managing with the current lock-down arrangements.  For each and every one of us our coping mechanisms are different and it is important that we all take some time to care for ourselves as well as being respectful to those around us.  I continue to be inspired by our Residents and Home Care Consumers overall resilience in these difficult times.  From the recently held Community Engagement Forums held with family representatives and resident and consumers there was a very strong opinion that we need to continue educating and advocate strongly for everyone to be vaccinated. 

I am delighted to let you all know that a number of the General Manager positions for Multicultural Community Services Geelong (MCSG) have been finalised in the past three weeks and that Luba Pryslak, Rob Fraser and Chris Hudgell from MACS are part of this new Executive Team. 

The new Executive Team is as follows:

General Manager Settlement & Community Support – Casey O’Brien

Responsible for Settlement – Humanitarian/Refugee, Financial Counselling, Family Services, CALD Employment, Youth Services, community Road Safety, Refugee Action Plan and numerous other programs.

General Manager Skills & Development – Carolyn Jones

Responsible for Adult, Community & further education, staff and volunteer education and structured professional development, CALD training to other aged care providers, Reconnect and Learn Local.

General Manager Residential – Luba Pryslak

Responsible for 103 Commonwealth funded beds and 60 bed Supported Residential Service.

General Manager Finance – Brian McMahon

Responsible for financial management, financial reporting, audit, financial analysis & modelling.

General Manager Infrastructure – Rob Fraser

Responsible for property and asset management, fleet management, purchasing/procurement contracts, food safety, My Maintenance Crew, contract cleaning, responsive and programmed maintenance and sustainability matters.

General Manager Quality, Risk & Compliance – Chris Hudgell

Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Compliance, policies and procedures, Occupational health & safety.


The position of General Manager People & Culture has been advertised and we are in the final stages of contract negotiations.  The General Manager Community Aged & Disability has been advertised both internally and externally and applications close on Thursday 9 September.

The Executive Team as they will be called, will help me bring the Purpose, Vision & Values of MCSG to life. Of the 6 appointed staff to date, 3 are from Diversitat and 3 are from MACS bringing an extensive range of skills, passion and enthusiasm.  They have been through a rigorous process to get here, a series of consultations, interviews and expectation meetings. Each and every one of the individuals listed demonstrate our values of Inclusion, integrity, kindness and also recognize the importance of us operating in a sustainable manner as we deliver long-term benefits to our community through excellence, thoughtfulness and courage, taking into consideration how we operate in the social, ecological, and economic environments.

Specific to MACS, Luba now has overall responsibility for Bella Chara with the support of Alwin Gallina.  Rachel remains the Manager of Bella Chara with Gwen providing part-time support.  Rob will be relocating to the Corporate Office in the coming months, but will still be regularly on site.  Chris Hudgell relocated to the Corporate Office in May with the Finance Team as his role is changing to work on the very important role of Quality, Risk & Compliance.  We are now entering into a 3-month transition phase, as each of the General Managers settles into their new roles.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate the three of these Managers from MACS for their well-deserved appointments and I also hope you have an opportunity to do so as well if you see them.

In coming months Luba and I will be bringing you this MACS Residential Newsletter jointly as I will keep you updated on MCSG matters as a whole.

Our thoughts at this time are with the Afghan Community in Geelong and Humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.  With the Geelong Afghan community nearing 1,000 people including a large number of single Mums and children, Diversitat’s efforts are focused in supporting them at this difficult time.

Let us all hope that with Spring, the vaccination rates continue to climb, the COVID cases continue to drop and we can return to some freedoms.  In the meantime, stay safe, social distance and wash those hands x 2.

Kind regards

Joy Leggo

Chief Executive Officer 

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