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Annual Giving 2021

Thank you to everyone who so generously supported our 2020 Annual Giving Appeal. A total of $23,821 was raised which has been used to commence works on beautifying the 590m² piece of vacant land near Stan’s Shed.

With these funds we have managed to have the land graded and backfilled and the perimeter fence moved and extended around the outside of the property at a cost of $20,000.

With your support, our 2021 Annual Giving Appeal will focus on raising $25,000 to complete this exciting project with extensive landscaping, including a paved area with outdoor exercise equipment and musical instruments.  

The ‘Multicultural Sensory and Therapy Garden’ will bring together landscape styles from the European, Eastern and Asian garden design traditions. The European garden area is the ‘Mediterranean Terrace’ area, with strong colours, wrought iron, raw timber and white (as if whitewashed) walls. The Eastern Courtyard (Eastern in its orientation, but also in its styling) with Moorish/Islamic design influences – a quadripartite layout, mosaic tiles, and a water feature. The Asian style is the Forest Walk area, with pebble mosaics, bamboo plants and materials and a black gravel path where we can add ‘challenge’ materials such as steps and large stepping stones.

The proposed landscape for the newly acquired area will;

  • be wheelchair accessible
  • have plenty of seats and places to enjoy the creek view
  • include an upgrade to Stan’s Shed as a focus for hospitality and activities
  • appeal to a wide variety of cultural backgrounds
  • provide spaces for physiotherapy activities
  • be a sensory space with a variety of colours, textures, smells and sounds
  • complement our art walking track

Will you please give generously to help MACS’ residents and home care consumers keep active, engaged and enjoying life? You can make a tax-deductible donation to this year’s Annual Giving Appeal HERE. If you’d like more information or have questions, please do not hesitate to call us on (03) 5279 6800.

Once again, we give our sincere thanks to our 2020 benefactors and our entire MACS community for their ongoing support.


Sketch Plan “Multicultural Sensory and Therapy Garden’ 

MACS Foundation

So much of what we provide at MACS – from our second-to-none social and Well-being programs, to our wonderful facilities and onsite services for our residents – has been achieved thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our extended community.

We have a strategic plan for the sustainability of MACS into the future. We want our residents , home care consumers, staff and community to have confidence that MACS will always be here. Donating to MACS is one way you can help us to continue our exceptional service that brings the best care, comfort and joy to the lives of very special people.

The MACS Foundation was established to receive donations and invest them for the future. A simple act of generosity via a donation or bequest, no matter how big or small, can make a world of difference.

To learn more, contact MACS Foundation.

MACS Bequest Program

Making a bequest in your will is a lasting gift that will help the MACS Foundation create a sustainable future for our community. We encourage you to discuss options with your family and your solicitor. You might choose to bequest all or part of your residual estate after you have considered your family and friends, or you might consider leaving a particular asset or amount of money.

For more information, download our Give Brochure or contact the Chief Executive Officer who will confidentially discuss your wishes and options.

To make a donation to MACS please click here to be redirected to SSL encrypted Secure Pay. Gifts over $2 are tax deductible.






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