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Dear friends,

Another year is upon us and we look forward to working with you all as we care for our community. I am mindful that we are still celebrating Christmas here at MACS, with Orthodox Christmas festivities on Thursday 7 January and New Year on Thursday 14 January. I trust that for those who have already celebrated, it was a wonderful time spent with family and friends.

We are excited and very much looking forward to the positive opportunities that 2021 brings. Some of our initiatives include:


We are very pleased with the recent announcement of the merger between Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Inc (trading as Diversitat) and Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong Inc (MACS).

The newly formed entity will be legally known as Multicultural Community Services Geelong Inc.

For the next few months it is business as usual for both organisations as we work through the transition process. Our residents / consumers / clients are at the centre of all we do. Put simply, we came together to help more people in more places. Together we will provide even better support and services to people in need of services, their families, and their carers. The proof of success will be in the clear evidence of better resident /consumer / client outcomes in the shorter term and improved financial sustainability in the medium term.


MACS residential services has recently completed pre-accreditation documentation in anticipation of an external audit within weeks. We are a fully accredited aged care services provider and confident of maintaining full accreditation status. Our Home Services will also be reviewed but not at the same time.

All government-funded aged care providers are required to comply with eight Aged Care Quality Standards. The standards reflect the level of care and services the community expects from aged care providers. Services must be accredited to receive Australian Government subsidies.

The eight Aged Care Quality Standards that we must meet are:

  1. Consumer dignity and choice

What this means for you

I am treated with dignity and respect, and can maintain my identity. I can make informed choices about my care and services, and live the life I choose.

  1. Ongoing assessment and planning

What this means for you

I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and well-being.

  1. Personal care and clinical care

What this means for you

I get personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, that is safe and right for me.

  1. Services and supports for daily living

What this means for you

I get the services and supports for daily living that are important for my health and well-being and that enable me to do the things I want to do.

  1. Organisation’s service environment

What this means for you

I feel I belong and I am safe and comfortable in the organisation’s service environment.

  1. Feedback and complaints

What this means for you

I feel safe and am encouraged and supported to give feedback and make complaints. I am engaged in processes to address my feedback and complaints, and appropriate action is taken.

  1. Human resources

What this means for you

I get quality care and services when I need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable and caring.

  1. Organisational governance

What this means for you

I am confident the organisation is well run. I am a partner in improving the delivery of care and services.


Infectious Disease – COVID-19

Just a reminder that we continue following the Government’s ‘tiered’ system of response to Covid19 which is:

Tier 1   No community transmissions – few restrictions apart from screening and wearing of masks.

Tier 2   Visiting restrictions re-introduced (bookings required with limited internal visits) when we have been identified as being in a defined hotspot.  Definition of a defined hotspot – rolling 3-day average of 3 locally acquired cases per day.  This equates to 9 cases over 3 days.

Tier 3   Significant community transmissions – we would revert back to pod and exceptional visits only.

We should all be mindful that things can and do change rapidly and although we are currently in Tier 1, we will act swiftly in moving from Tier to Tier if the data indicates the need to.

We are concerned about the current situation in NSW. At this stage there are NO changes to our visitation and resident outing recommendations as per last communication, however, things may change rapidly.


Follow the rules around gatherings, and stay safe whether you are working, visiting family and friends, or going out.


Mindful Moves

Our Mindful Moves program is gathering pace as we come out of COVID-19 restriction.

Group sessions in residential services have recommenced 3 days per week in Mary Costa House, Borrela House and Annie O’Malley House.

We are delighted that so many Home Services clients have enjoyed the Mindful Moves program as one-on-one sessions in the privacy of their own home. Bookings can be made through MACS Home Services.

Services under the Mindful Moves program include Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

Yoga brings the body and mind together and is built on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation.

Tai Chi benefits include improved mood, improved aerobic capacity, increased energy and stamina, improved flexibility, balance and agility, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Following the recent purchase of a property in Roslyn Rd, Highton, we are excited by the prospect of commencing group Mindful Moves sessions for our Home Services clients in early 2021. We are currently providing the finishing touches to this property to ensure the premises are suitable, secure and safe.


Credentialing of external providers

This initiative is being introduced to ensure the services provided to our residents by external providers follow ‘best practice’, to give the best care possible.  The quality initiative will mean all health and allied health professionals will require ‘credentialing’ prior to commencing work with residents. Credentialing is a formal process of verifying the qualifications, experience, professional attributes and performance of external service providers to confirm their competence and suitability to provide safe, high-quality services within MACS. This credentialing will be undertaken annually and will include, but not be limited to:

  • Expectations of service to meet or exceed industry standards
  • Communication with residents and families/representatives
  • Codes of conduct
  • Attendance frequency
  • Documentation requirements
  • Membership with relevant authorities
  • Participation in meetings
  • Other regulatory registration requirements

The credentialing will then form part of an agreement which will be reviewed on an annual basis. If a health professional does not agree to meet the required expectations, this may affect the quality of the service they provide.  Therefore it is in residents’ best interests to consider what to do in the event a health care professional is unable to practice at MACS.  A register of health and allied service professionals who do meet the criteria by providing an excellent standard of service and who continually strive for better practice will be available at MACS for those who wish to choose another professional.  Support will be given to residents to access the register.

Best wishes,

Alwin Gallina

Acting Chief Executive Officer



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