At MACS it is everyone’s duty to make a difference in the lives of our residents and home care consumers.

In November 2017, MACS introduced a monthly MAD (Making a Difference) Award given to someone who has been seen making a difference here at MACS. Anyone can be nominated eg. staff member, volunteer, resident, resident’s family member, home care consumer, home care consumer’s family member or ILU tenant. The winner is presented with a gift and an award certificate.

At the Annual General Meeting an overall winner for the year (chosen from the 12 monthly winners) is chosen and their name inscribed onto an honour board.

Home Services Wellbeing Coordinator Ursula Renic (pictured below with CEO Joy Leggo) was chosen from four finalists to receive the 2021 award. Ursula received the award for her outstanding support and professionalism she shows when working with her consumers. Well Done!

Bella Chara resident Jim Hoekstra is our 202o overall winner.  During all the time in lockdowns when residents were bored, Jim who is a keen bingo player, kept his fellow residents entertained  by ‘calling’ at bingo 3 days a week  It is no easy task to call!

Home Services team member Monika Zsebe is the 2019 annual award winner for her wonderful contribution to MACS over the years. “The MACS’ Well-being Bus Program would not be the same without Monika’s organisational skills, endless energy and friendly disposition. Monika has made the program successful and enjoyable for all involved.” 

Personal Carer, Well-being Worker and gardening guru Danuta Olechnowicz was the 2018 inaugural annual winner for her amazing work over the years at MACS. “For having the gardens around MACS looking so wonderful – no matter where you walk her talent can be seen. She always makes sure the resident areas look their best for them to enjoy.”

Our aim for these awards is to recognise someone that demonstrates the MACS values on a day to day basis and excels in what they do.

Scroll through below to see who our monthly winners have been in the last 12 months.