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Diversity, Dignity & Integrity

At MACS we want all our residents to flourish. In well-being. In health. In life. Since 1994, we have been helping our residents to flourish in their later years.

Transitioning to aged care is a big decision. We understand that it can be stressful and full of uncertainty. At MACS, we see aged care not so much about letting go, but more about giving some control and independence back. Instead of losing their independence, we empower our residents to maintain it.

It always starts with the individual – their needs and wants, and how we can support them. We listen first, always. We meet people where they are at, whether that is providing support in their own home, in one of our residential care homes, or helping them to pass away with dignity and on their terms through our Home Services palliative care service.

Our goal was, and always will be, to provide the best care for the vibrant, culturally-diverse communities of Geelong and the western metropolitan area. Our residents and Home Care consumers represent over 30 different nationalities, including Australians. This makes MACS different. It makes us who we are.

Our MACS precinct in North Geelong was designed to help residents thrive. From those residing in our independent living units through to people requiring dementia-specific care, our staff understands the balance between independence and supported care. And they ensure every resident’s needs are being met.

Our activities calendar and communal areas provide opportunities for residents to socialise and spend time with their friends. For some quiet time, there are many indoor and outdoor areas that provide for private space. Our Volunteer and Well-being programs keep residents connected to the broader community and to the traditions that they love. We provide them with choice, and empower them to use it.

The MACS team represents many different nationalities and bring special empathy and sensitivity to the programs and care we deliver. Cultural insights underpin our activities program, our professional development and the unique way we provide our services.

Our purpose and passion is underpinned in our vision, purpose and values. They drive us in everything we do.

Our Vision
Culturally diverse individuals living life to the full.

Our Purpose

MACS is dedicated to providing excellence in aged care.

Our Values

Get in touch
You don’t have to have all the answers from the start. We foster a two-way relationship from the very first phone call.

Call us on 1300 622 778 to discuss your situation and what you think you may need from us. We can then talk you through the services we provide that could assist you or your loved one in their transition to MACS, whether that is starting small in their own home, or higher levels of care as a new consumer.


As a result of a merger between the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Inc (trading as Diversitat), and Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong Inc (MACS). MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY SERVICES GEELONG INC MCSG was incorporated in the State of Victoria on 10 December 2020. Both Boards approved the decision to merge in November 2020, viewing the change as a combination of two equal organisations and emphasising positivity, cohesion and collaboration. The decision followed formal approval from a Special General Meeting of Diversitat affiliated communities.

The merger is designed to leverage the history, expertise and resources of Diversitat and MACS as two of the Geelong region’s largest and longest serving multicultural organisations. MCSG will maintain and expand services and provide a stronger voice for multicultural communities in Greater Geelong, combining 70 years of knowledge and experience from the two organisations. In January 2021, the Board commenced discussions on the development of the initial MCSG Strategic Plan.

Established in 1976, Diversitat has a core set of services and business operations that support the multicultural communities in the region, with an emphasis on building social justice. First known as the Geelong Migrant Resource Centre and later the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council, the change in name to Diversitat occurred in 2005. This reflects the broader diversity of services offered across a wider geographical area. Diversitat offers services in settlement, community development, youth services, aged support, training and education, as well as arts and events. It also manages The Pulse Community Radio and the Belmont Oppe Shoppe. Candidate Brief – General Manager Community Aged & Disability Authorised by Joy Leggo, CEO, MCSG 20 August 2021 Diversitat, also known as Geelong Ethnic Communities Council, is a registered charity and a not-for-profit community service organisation

The Diversitat and MACS governing bodies decided that MCSG should be established as a new and separate entity. The decision to appoint an initial independent Chair who was not a governance member from either Diversitat or MACS reflects a good faith commitment from both organisations to approach the merger as two equal organisations. To enable commencement of planning for MCSG, Spiro Fatouros was appointed as Interim Chair, and Linda Sydor-Petkovic as Interim Secretary. Both Spiro and Linda will step down from these MCSG Board leadership roles once the new Chair and Secretary are appointed.

MCSG was established as an incorporated association in Victoria. It is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Both Diversitat and MACS are progressively rolling their operations into the newly established incorporated entity, which will hold new registrations and transferring registrations (where possible) to undertake the activities of Diversitat and MACS.

In 2021, the MCSG Board conducted a process to select and appoint the Chief Executive Officer. Joy Leggo, MACS inaugural CEO, was appointed CEO MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY SERVICES GEELONG INC MCSG and commenced on Monday 3 May 2021. Joy is also currently the CEO of Diversitat.

The MCSG Executive Team commenced on Monday 9 August 2021. Most of the positions have been filled by executives from MACS and Diversitat.