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More than 70 volunteers, over 20 programs, giving over 1,280 volunteer hours each month. Statistically, the MACS Volunteer Program is dynamic, productive and diverse.

More importantly, it is a ‘people’ program that connects volunteers, clients and staff in enriching each other and the character of the MACS community.

The MACS Volunteer Program celebrates diversity and helps keep family and community connected. Program activities include Art classes, craft classes, cooking classes, religious groups, Croatian Group, Dutch Group, Polish Group, Italian Prayer Group Groups, Coffee Club, Knitting, Woodwork, life stories, one-on-one reading, chat, mending and even daily mail deliveries.

Our volunteers reflect the diversity of our community. They come from varied cultural and professional backgrounds, with diverse languages, special skills and ages ranging from 24 to 85 years. Everyone has something unique to offer.

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I always saw the volunteer activities as an important part of the wider care delivery. I’ve seen and understood first hand how keeping people engaged and connected to their lives and communities improves their general well-being. It can even alleviate depression and help with pain management. Mostly, it’s about keeping on living your life.

Linda Rizzi, Volunteer Coordinator

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