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Our Vision

A community where there is confidence in aged care, where cultural diversity is truly celebrated and family and community remain connected.

Our Mission

MACS is dedicated to providing excellence in aged care to meet the culturally diverse needs of the community.

Our Values


Latest News

CEO Joy Leggo interviews

CEO Joy Leggo in a series of interviews with Denis Scott from 94.7 FM The Pulse.

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Annie Flomo

With her relaxed, cheery face, Annie Flomo is still the picture of resilience. She survived war in Liberia, which began raging in 1990. Like hundreds of thousands of others, she ran from human rights abuses, war crimes, and unspeakable hardships. Some people sought shelter wherever they could—in and around refugee camps, wrecked buildings and homes, the bush even, where there was no shelter at all.

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Cultural Intelligence

When it comes to quality aged care, respecting diversity at MACS is a no brainer. Staff and volunteers of many different cultures speak many different languages to residents home care consumers and their families. The nine-person Board of Directors comes from five dissimilar nationalities— four of the Directors are women.  So MACS necessarily practises high cultural intelligence, and

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