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Our Vision

A community where there is confidence in aged care, where cultural diversity is truly celebrated and family and community remain connected.

Our Mission

MACS is dedicated to providing excellence in aged care to meet the culturally diverse needs of the community.

Our Values


Latest News

How not to lose it all - preserving dignity in a care partnership


If anyone knows how to care for someone, it’s Helen Lazzaro.  She knows how it works and exactly what to do. She’s done the long, hard yards as a registered nurse at Geelong Hospital and District Nursing. Yet, for all that, Helen realises that she can’t possibly be a Lone Ranger when it comes giving 24/7 care at home for her husband John.

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In quality aged care, preserving the heart is not about keeping calm and collected. It’s not about keeping cool when things go pear-shaped either —you get a cold latte, your kids spill the family beans in the school’s “show and tell”, your partner’s hairdo is something nightmares are made of. When it comes to quality care, preserving the heart is about the positive, small things that are important to residents or home care consumers . . .

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Dear friends,

Welcome to the first edition of our redesigned MACS News.  For quite some time  I have been reflecting on our vision and asking myself “is MACS an organisation that does everything it can to ensure that family and community remain connected?”  My thoughts then went to the 5 different editions of MACS News produced each month, within each program area and even within each Residential House.

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