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Our Vision

A community where there is confidence in aged care, where cultural diversity is truly celebrated and family and community remain connected.

Our Mission

MACS is dedicated to providing excellence in aged care to meet the culturally diverse needs of the community.

Our Values


Latest News

Catrina Daglas needs a clone. She’s like all the other staff who work in the MACS community program office.  Their days are simply hectic. Catrina helps run the community program for over one hundred and thirty home care consumers and organises forty or so staff. Yet, after all that, she still takes time to listen to the many diverse stories from MACS home care consumers and their families. Whatever shape these tales come in, they always amaze and fascinate her. 


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Keeping cool with culture

We are multicultural here at MACS, no doubt about it. We interact with people from at least fifty-six different countries including residents, volunteers and staff. But what do we really mean by the word culture? How do we describe it? What does it mean to us on a personal level? Could an image in our mind help us to picture what culture means? Could it be a tree perhaps, a work of art, a plate of food, even?

All of these mind pictures are valid. That’s because culture means different things to different people. And when we think about what culture is, we tussle with something that’s hard to pin down. Culture has many different aspects—some are quite complex and specific.

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August 2016


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